ade4 (1.7-5)

Analysis of Ecological Data : Exploratory and Euclidean Methods in Environmental Sciences.
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Multivariate data analysis and graphical display.

Maintainer: Aurelie Siberchicot
Author(s): Stphane Dray <>, Anne-Batrice Dufour <>, and Jean Thioulouse <>, with contributions from Thibaut Jombart, Sandrine Pavoine, Jean R. Lobry, Sbastien Ollier, and Aurlie Siberchicot. Based on earlier work by Daniel Chessel.

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: CircStats, ade4TkGUI, deldir, lattice, maptools, pixmap, sp, spdep, splancs, waveslim, ape, MASS, adegraphics
Reverse depends: ade4TkGUI, adegenet, adehabitat, adehabitatHR, adehabitatHS, adehabitatLT, adephylo, ads, aspace, cati, clusterSim, DDD, ecospat, ENiRG, FactoClass, FD, FunNet, genoPlotR, hierfstat, kernelPop, Laterality, mbclusterwise, Momocs, msap, MVPARTwrap, oncomodel, pamctdp, PopGenReport, qha, RcmdrPlugin.pointG, restlos, rmetasim, RVAideMemoire, seqinr, sideChannelAttack, subniche, svcR, treescape, treespace, VARSEDIG
Reverse suggests: adegenet, adephylo, biomod2, explor, factoextra, funrar, Guerry, GUniFrac, mefa, MiSPU, phylobase, polysat, RcmdrPlugin.pointG, seqinr, VARSEDIG

Released 5 months ago.