igraph (0.6)

Network analysis and visualization.


Routines for simple graphs and network analysis. igraph can handle large graphs very well and provides functions for generating random and regular graphs, graph visualization, centrality indices and much more.

Maintainer: Gabor Csardi
Author(s): Gabor Csardi <csardi.gabor@gmail.com>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Matrix, graph, rgl, ape, igraphdata
Reverse depends: adegenet, agop, ARTIVA, arulesViz, bc3net, BDgraph, BiGGR, bigmatrix, biGraph, BiomarkeR, c3net, cape, cccd, CDVine, CePa, cooptrees, cvxclustr, DART, DCGL, ddepn, diffusionMap, Dominance, dpa, ebdbNet, editrules, EpiContactTrace, epoc, fanovaGraph, fastclime, fbRanks, flare, FrF2, G1DBN, gdistance, gemtc, GeneNet, GeneReg, genlasso, ggm, glassomix, GOSim, gRbase, gRim, gstudio, HPOSim, huge, igraphtosonia, integrOmics, InteractiveIGraph, iRefR, ISIPTA, iSubpathwayMiner, JGL, kknn, lcd, linkcomm, LLdecomp, matie, mfr, micropan, mixOmics, mlDNA, mRMRe, netClass, netmodels, nets, netweavers, NetworkAnalysis, networkTomography, oposSOM, optrees, outbreaker, packdep, pacose, PAGI, pathClass, phangorn, phyloTop, PoMoS, popgraph, poppr, postgwas, ppiPre, ppstat, PROFANCY, qtlnet, QuACN, RC, RCA, ReliabilityTheory, rEMM, restlos, rgexf, RNetLogo, ror, RQDA, SEMID, SeqGrapheR, sidier, spacejam, SSN, SteinerNet, stream, structSSI, surface, synbreed, timeordered, tnet, TreeRank, triads, VineCopula
Reverse suggests: bio3d, bipartite, BoolNet, catnet, cMonkey, dna, editrules, enaR, epoc, flare, GOSim, igraphdata, intergraph, isa2, knitrBootstrap, lava, lfe, metafor, osmar, paloma, parser, raster, rbmn, rgp, RGraphics, RNetLogo, rtop, skatMeta, spatgraphs, SPMS, st, surface, topicmodels, TunePareto
Reverse enhances: biGraph, timeordered

Released over 2 years ago.