xtable (1.7-4)

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Export tables to LaTeX or HTML.


Coerce data to LaTeX and HTML tables

Maintainer: David Scott
Author(s): David B. Dahl <dahl@stat.byu.edu>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: A3, anm, blockTools, BrailleR, compareGroups, DAMisc, datacheck, DATforDCEMRI, descr, dmRTools, EMA, etable, FactoClass, gMCP, gsDesign, gsmaRt, hierarchicalDS, HiveR, IndependenceTests, IsoGene, klausuR, LeLogicielR, LinRegInteractive, MAMA, mmeta, MplusAutomation, MSBVAR, multilevelPSA, pamctdp, PF, PKtools, PopGenReport, RcmdrPlugin.Export, RcmdrPlugin.NMBU, reporttools, rplotengine, RSiena, sdcMicro, SDisc, SeleMix, seqDesign, SharpeR, SII, sos4R, sparkTable, stacomirtools, StatDA, surveillance, survSNP, TRSbook, twang
Reverse suggests: afex, ascii, AutoModel, BayesFactor, bestglm, BioGeoBEARS, blockTools, cacheSweave, caper, caschrono, CHNOSZ, CNVassoc, coin, datacheck, dataRetrieval, e1071, EGRET, evtree, ExtDist, fbRanks, femmeR, geneSignatureFinder, ggRandomForests, GSE, hamlet, hints, HiveR, htmlTable, hwriterPlus, icd9, itsadug, JoSAE, knitrBootstrap, kyotil, MARSS, mcmc, mfr, micEconCES, mixedMem, multcomp, nFactors, NlsyLinks, NMF, NPC, ordinal, pedometrics, phangorn, PharmacoGx, postgwas, qtutils, randomLCA, RankAggreg, rbamtools, rcdk, Rcell, RecordLinkage, RItools, robustbase, robustlmm, RSiena, rtf, sadists, SBSA, SciencePo, SeqFeatR, SharpeR, SII, soiltexture, sos4R, spcosa, spdep, sqlutils, SRPM, StMoMo, TraMineR, TriMatch, uroot, vars, waterData
Reverse enhances: JM, JMbayes, pampe, RItools

Released 12 months ago.

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