About crantastic!

Crantastic is a free open source web-application, written in ruby on rails. The full source code is available from our github repository, so you can easily see what powers the site, and even contribute code to implement a feature you want

Crantastic was created by Hadley Wickham and is currently being developed by Bjørn Mæland as one of the R foundation's four Google Summer of Code projects for 2009.

Social media icons provided by komodomedia, under a CC Attribution-Share Alike license.

Tracking progress

If you want to keep track of what's happening with crantastic, you can read our development blog, which we use to inform about and document the GSoC project progress.

Problems or suggestions?

We have an issue tracker for keeping track of technical issues. If you run into any problems or bugs, please submit them here. Additionally we have an account on UserVoice where we collect ideas for new features. Be sure to add your idea to the list!