BB (2008.8-1)

Solving and optimizing large-scale nonlinear systems.

Barzilai-Borwein Spectral Methods for solving nonlinear system of equations, and for optimizing nonlinear objective functions subject to simple constraints.

Author(s): Ravi Varadhan

License: GPL-3

Uses: numDeriv, setRNG
Reverse depends: aftgee, BinNonNor, blm, bunching, CatDyn, GNE, LIHNPSD, mederrRank, mvord, NPCD, optimx, orsk, PoisBinNonNor, PoisBinOrdNonNor, PoisNonNor, RobPer
Reverse suggests: optimx, QuasiSeq, ROI.plugin.optimx, simsurv, SPOT

Released over 11 years ago.