BETS (0.3.0)

Brazilian Economic Time Series.

It provides access to and information about the most important Brazilian economic time series - from the Getulio Vargas Foundation , the Central Bank of Brazil and the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics . It also presents tools for managing, analysing (e.g. generating dynamic reports with a complete analysis of a series) and exporting these time series.

Maintainer: Pedro Costa Ferreira
Author(s): Pedro Costa Ferreira [aut, cre], Talitha Speranza [aut], Jonatha Azevedo [aut], Fernando Teixeira [aut]

License: GPL-3

Uses: DBI, DT, dygraphs, forecast, foreign, ggplot2, grnn, htmltools, lubridate, miniUI, plotly, RCurl, rjson, rmarkdown, RMySQL, rstudioapi, rvest, seasonal, shiny, sqldf, stringr, urca, webshot, xml2, zoo, mFilter, xts, devtools, knitr

Released over 2 years ago.