BRugs (0.4-1)

OpenBUGS and its R / S-PLUS interface BRugs.

An R / S-PLUS package containing OpenBUGS and its R / S-PLUS interface BRugs.

Maintainer: Uwe Ligges
Author(s): The Chief Software Bug is Andrew Thomas, with web assistance from Real Bug Bob O'Hara. Other members of the BUGS team are statisticians David Spiegelhalter, Nicky Best, Dave Lunn and Ken Rice. Dave Lunn has also made major contributions to the software development. R Code modified, extended and packaged for R by Uwe Ligges and Sibylle Sturtz. Some ideas taken from the R2WinBUGS package based on code by Andrew Gelman.

License: GPL version 2

Uses: coda
Reverse depends: BTSPAS, miscF, mmeta, rriskBayes, tdm
Reverse suggests: bcrm, BTSPAS, dclone, gemtc, hbdct, iBUGS, ISEtools, MethComp, miscF, PBSmodelling, R2WinBUGS
Reverse enhances: glmmBUGS

Released almost 12 years ago.