BcDiag (1.0.2)

Diagnostics plots for Bicluster Data.


This package provides Diagnostic tools based on two way anova and median polish residual plots for Bicluster output obtained from packages; "biclust" by Kaiser et al.(2008),"isa2" by Csardi et al. (2010) and "fabia" by Hochreiter et al. (2010). Moreover, It provides visualization tools for bicluster output and corresponding non bicluster rows or columns outcomes. It has also extended the idea of Kaiser et al.(2008) which is, extracting bicluster output in a text format, by adding by adding two bicluster methods from fabia and isa2 r packages.

Maintainer: Aregay Mengsteab
Author(s): Aregay Mengsteab, Martin Otava, Tatsiana Khamiakova

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: biclust, isa2

Released about 7 years ago.