BcDiag (1.0.7)

Diagnostics plots for Bicluster Data.


Diagnostic tools based on two-way anova and median-polish residual plots for Bicluster output obtained from packages; "biclust" by Kaiser et al.(2008),"isa2" by Csardi et al. (2010) and "fabia" by Hochreiter et al. (2010). Moreover, It provides visualization tools for bicluster output and corresponding non-bicluster rows- or columns outcomes. It has also extended the idea of Kaiser et al.(2008) which is, extracting bicluster output in a text format, by adding two bicluster methods from the fabia and isa2 R packages.

Maintainer: Ewoud De Troyer
Author(s): Aregay Mengsteab, Martin Otava, Tatsiana Khamiakova, Ewoud De Troyer

License: GPL-3

Uses: biclust, isa2

Released over 5 years ago.