Bchron (3.2)

Bayesian radiocarbon chronologies and relative sea level analysis.


This package takes radiocarbon (or similar) dating information to produce chronology reconstructions for age-depth data. The package allows for: radiocarbon and non-radiocarbon depths, thickness errors, outlying dates, multiple calibration curves, and event prediction. It also produces some pretty pictures, and writes all output to files to allow for further analysis (eg palaeoclimate reconstruction). There is a menu system for users, as well as a command line interface for advanced and/or batch processing. Version 3.1 contains an update to produce better plots of proxy data via the function Bchronproxyplot. Version 3.2 includes new functions for estimating rates of relative sea level change, and a quick radiocarbon calibration function for individual dates.

Maintainer: Andrew Parnell
Author(s): Andrew Parnell

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: coda, ellipse, hdrcde, MASS, svDialogs
Reverse suggests: Bclim, c14bazAAR

Released almost 7 years ago.