CADStat (3.0.7)

Provides a GUI to Several Statistical Methods.

Using Java GUI for R (JGR), CADStat provides a user interface for several statistical methods - scatterplot, boxplot, linear regression, generalized linear regression, quantile regression, conditional probability calculations, and regression trees.

Maintainer: David Rebhuhn
Author(s): Lester Yuan, Tom Stockton, Doug Bronson, Pasha Minallah, and Mark Fitzgerald

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: bio.infer, car, gdata, gmodels, gtools, iplots, JavaGD, JGR, lattice, lme4, MASS, MatrixModels, minqa, nloptr, pbkrtest, png, quantreg, Rcpp, rJava, rpart, SparseM, XML

Released almost 3 years ago.