CAST (0.3.0)

'caret' Applications for Spatial-Temporal Models.

Supporting functionality to run 'caret' with spatial or spatial-temporal data. 'caret' is a frequently used package for model training and prediction using machine learning. This package includes functions to improve spatial-temporal modelling tasks using 'caret'. It prepares data for Leave-Location-Out and Leave-Time-Out cross-validation which are target-oriented validation strategies for spatial-temporal models. To decrease overfitting and improve model performances, the package implements a forward feature selection that selects suitable predictor variables in view to their contribution to the target-oriented performance.

Maintainer: Hanna Meyer
Author(s): Hanna Meyer [cre, aut], Chris Reudenbach [ctb], Marvin Ludwig [ctb], Thomas Nauss [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 3) | file LICENSE

Uses: caret, ggplot2, randomForest, sp, raster, lubridate, doParallel, knitr, GSIF, rmarkdown, mapview
Reverse suggests: uavRst

Released 9 months ago.