Correction of the pvalue after multiple coding.


We propose to determine the correction of the significance level after multiple coding of an explanatory variable in Generalized Linear Model. The possible codings are: Box-Cox, dichotomous and categorical transformations. The different methods of correction of the p-value are the Single step Bonferroni procedure, and resampling based methods(permutation and the parametric bootstrap procedure). If only some continuous, and dichotomous transformations are performed this package offers an exact correction of the p-value developped by B.Liquet & D.Commenges in 2005. The naive method with no correction is also available.

Maintainer: Jeremie Riou
Author(s): Jeremie Riou, Amadou Diakite, and Benoit Liquet

License: GPL (> 2)

Uses: mvtnorm, plyr

Released about 7 years ago.