CytobankAPIstats (2.0)

Computes Signaling and Population Stats for Cytometry Data on Cytobank using 'CytobankAPI'.

Tools to process cytometry data from Cytobank into easily usable form for analysis of populations, markers, and signaling using the 'CytobankAPI' package. Learn more about Cytobank at . For more information about types of cytometry data that can be analyzed, please see: Bendall, S. C., Simonds, E. F., Qiu, P., Amir, E. D., Krutzik, P. O., Finck, R.,... Nolan, G. P. (2011) and Adan, A., Alizada, G., Kiraz, Y., Baran, Y., Nalbant, A. (2017). .

Maintainer: Allison Throm
Author(s): Allison Throm

License: Artistic-2.0

Uses: CytobankAPI, pheatmap, shiny, shinyFiles, xlsx, httr, jsonlite, curl

Released over 1 year ago.