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R Database Interface.


A database interface definition for communication between R and relational database management systems. All classes in this package are virtual and need to be extended by the various R/DBMS implementations.

Maintainer: Kirill Müller
Author(s): R Special Interest Group on Databases (R-SIG-DB) [aut], Hadley Wickham [aut], Kirill Mller [aut, cre] (<https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1416-3412>), R Consortium [fnd]

License: LGPL (>= 2.1)

Uses: RSQLite, testthat, knitr, magrittr, rmarkdown, xml2, covr, rprojroot, hms, blob
Reverse depends: archivist, bibliospec, biglm, biglmm, CITAN, ckanr, condusco, datamap, EDanalysis, ETLUtils, filehashSQLite, FunctSNP, gmDatabase, implyr, MonetDB.R, ODB, ora, poplite, RecordLinkage, RJDBC, RMySQL, ROracle, ROracleUI, rpostgis, rpostgisLT, RPostgreSQL, RQDA, rquery, RRedshiftSQL, RSQLite, RSQLServer, sergeant, sqldf, SQLiteDF, sqlutils, TradeStrategyAnalyzer, TScompare, TSfame, TSgetSymbol, TShistQuote, TSMySQL, TSodbc, TSpadi, TSPostgreSQL, TSSQLite, TSxls, TSzip
Reverse suggests: aroma.affymetrix, cdata, convey, corrr, cursory, cytominer, datapackage.r, dlookr, dplyr, drake, EDanalysis, ETLUtils, geojsonio, glue, GWSDAT, healthcareai, ipumsr, knitr, lgr, memisc, mitools, mlr3db, modeldb, nngeo, nodbi, oai, oce, PhysicalActivity, pitchRx, PivotalR, ProjectTemplate, quantmod, radiant.data, rdataretriever, redcapAPI, REDCapR, replyr, resourcer, rqdatatable, rquery, scrime, seplyr, srvyr, storr, stream, survey, taxizedb, tidypredict, toxboot, TSdata, tsdb, vtreat, WhopGenome, withr
Reverse enhances: PivotalR

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