DDD (3.2)

Diversity-Dependent Diversification.


Implements maximum likelihood methods based on the diversity-dependent birth-death process to test whether speciation or extinction are diversity-dependent. See Etienne et al. 2012, Proc. Roy. Soc. B 279: 1300-1309, . Also implements maximum likelihood methods to detect various types of key innovations in the light of diversity-dependence. See Etienne & Haegeman 2012, Am. Nat. 180: E75-E89, . Finally, DDD contains a function to simulate the diversity-dependent process.

Maintainer: Rampal S. Etienne
Author(s): Rampal S. Etienne & Bart Haegeman

License: GPL-3

Uses: ade4, ape, deSolve, expoRkit, Matrix, phytools, SparseM, subplex
Reverse suggests: nLTT

Released over 3 years ago.