DEoptim (2.2-2)

Global optimization by Differential Evolution.

This package provides the DEoptim function which performs global optimization by differential evolution.

Maintainer: Katharine Mullen
Author(s): David Ardia, Katharine Mullen, Brian Peterson, and Joshua Ulrich, with contributions from Kris Boudt

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: foreach
Reverse depends: EcoHydRology, EstimationTools, FuzzyStatProb, galts, IBHM, likeLTD, micEconCES, prodest, qfa, quickpsy, selectMeta, spsh
Reverse suggests: airGR, BayesianTools, BENMMI, ctsem, ltmle, MSCMT, nanop, npsp, openEBGM, RcppDE, SACOBRA,, SPOT, swmmr

Released over 6 years ago.