DEoptimR (1.0-8)

Differential Evolution Optimization in Pure R.

Differential Evolution (DE) stochastic algorithms for global optimization of problems with and without constraints. The aim is to curate a collection of its state-of-the-art variants that (1) do not sacrifice simplicity of design, (2) are essentially tuning-free, and (3) can be efficiently implemented directly in the R language. Currently, it only provides an implementation of the 'jDE' algorithm by Brest et al. (2006) .

Maintainer: Eduardo L. T. Conceicao
Author(s): Eduardo L. T. Conceicao [aut, cre], Martin Maechler [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Does not use any package
Enhances: robustbase
Reverse suggests: MSCMT

Released about 3 years ago.