EdSurvey (2.2.1)

Analysis of NCES Education Survey and Assessment Data.


Read in and analysis functions for education survey and assessment data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) , including National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data and data from the International Assessment Database: OECD , including PISA, TALIS, PIAAC, and IEA , including TIMSS, TIMSS Advanced, PIRLS, ICCS, ICILS, and CivEd.

Maintainer: Paul Bailey
Author(s): Paul Bailey [aut, cre], Ren C'deBaca [ctb], Ahmad Emad [aut], Huade Huo [aut], Michael Lee [aut], Yuqi Liao [aut], Alex Lishinski [aut], Trang Nguyen [aut], Qingshu Xie [aut], Jiao Yu [aut], Ting Zhang [aut]

License: GPL-2

Uses: car, data.table, Formula, glm2, haven, LaF, lfactors, lme4, MASS, Matrix, NAEPprimer, RColorBrewer, readr, readxl, rvest, stringi, stringr, tibble, wCorr, WeMix, xml2, xtable, testthat, knitr, dplyr, withr
Reverse suggests: WeMix

Released about 1 year ago.