ExtDist (0.6-3)

Extending the Range of Functions for Probability Distributions.


A consistent, unified and extensible framework for estimation of parameters for probability distributions, including parameter estimation procedures that allow for weighted samples; the current set of distributions included are: the standard beta, The four-parameter beta, Burr, gamma, Gumbel, Johnson SB and SU, Laplace, logistic, normal, symmetric truncated normal, truncated normal, symmetric-reflected truncated beta, standard symmetric-reflected truncated beta, triangular, uniform, and Weibull distributions; decision criteria and selections based on these decision criteria.

Maintainer: Jonathan Godfrey
Author(s): Haizhen Wu <h.wu2@massey.ac.nz>, A. Jonathan R. Godfrey <A.J.Godfrey@massey.ac.nz>, Kondaswamy Govindaraju <k.govindaraju@massey.ac.nz>, Sarah Pirikahu <s.pirikahu@massey.ac.nz>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: numDeriv, optimx, PerformanceAnalytics, SuppDists, VGAM, ggplot2, xtable, knitr, truncdist
Reverse suggests: fitteR

Released over 4 years ago.