FIT (0.0.6)

Transcriptomic Dynamics Models in Field Conditions.

Provides functionality for constructing statistical models of transcriptomic dynamics in field conditions. It further offers the function to predict expression of a gene given the attributes of samples and meteorological data. Nagano, A. J., Sato, Y., Mihara, M., Antonio, B. A., Motoyama, R., Itoh, H., Naganuma, Y., and Izawa, T. (2012). . Iwayama, K., Aisaka, Y., Kutsuna, N., and Nagano, A. J. (2017). .

Maintainer: Koji Iwayama
Author(s): Koji Iwayama [cre], Yuri Aisaka [aut]

License: MPL (>= 2) | file LICENSE

Uses: gglasso, MASS, Rcpp, XML, knitr, rmarkdown

Released 11 months ago.