FITSio (2.1-0)

FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) Utilities.

Utilities to read and write files in the FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format, a standard format in astronomy (see e.g. for more information). Present low-level routines allow: reading, parsing, and modifying FITS headers; reading FITS images (multi-dimensional arrays); reading FITS binary and ASCII tables; and writing FITS images (multi-dimensional arrays). Higher-level functions allow: reading files composed of one or more headers and a single (perhaps multidimensional) image or single table; reading tables into data frames; generating vectors for image array axes; scaling and writing images as 16-bit integers. Known incompletenesses are reading random group extensions, as well as bit, complex, and array descriptor data types in binary tables.

Maintainer: Andrew Harris
Author(s): Andrew Harris

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: ProFit, ProFound, ringscale

Released over 3 years ago.