FactorsR (1.4)

Identification of the Factors Affecting Species Richness.


It identifies the factors significantly related to species richness, and their relative contribution, using multiple regressions and support vector machine models. It uses an output file of 'ModestR' () with data of richness of the species and environmental variables in a cell size defined by the user. The residuals of the support vector machine model are shown on a map. Negative residuals may be potential areas with undiscovered and/or unregistered species, or areas with decreased species richness due to the negative effect of anthropogenic factors.

Maintainer: Cástor Guisande González
Author(s): Cstor Guisande Gonzlez

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: car, hier.part, kernlab, lmtest, nortest, plotrix, relaimpo, usdm

Released 10 months ago.