FrF2 (0.8)

Package for analysing Fractional Factorial designs with 2-level factors.

This package analyses Fractional Factorial designs with 2-level factors; it is meant for completely aliased designs only, i.e. e.g. not for analysing Plackett-Burman designs with interactions. The package enables convenient main effects and interaction plots for all factors simultaneously and offers a cube plot for looking at the simultaneous effects of three factors. An enhanced DanielPlot function (modified from BsMD) is provided. Furthermore, the alias structure for Fractional Factorial 2-level designs is output in a more readable format than with the built-in function alias.

Author(s): Ulrike Groemping

License: GPL (>=2)

Uses: BsMD, scatterplot3d, BHH2
Reverse depends: daewr, DoE.wrapper, pid, RcmdrPlugin.DoE
Reverse suggests: agridat, BHH2, mistat, rsm, SPOT
Reverse enhances: MASS

Released over 11 years ago.