GENEAclassify (1.4.9)

Segmentation and Classification of Accelerometer Data.

Segmentation and classification procedures for data from the 'Activinsights GENEActiv' accelerometer that provides the user with a model to guess behaviour from test data where behaviour is missing. Includes a step counting algorithm, a function to create segmented data with custom features and a function to use recursive partitioning provided in the function rpart() of the 'rpart' package to create classification models.

Maintainer: Charles Sweetland
Author(s): Chris Campbell [aut], Aimee Gott [aut], Joss Langford [aut], Charles Sweetland [aut, cre], Activinsights Ltd [cph]

License: GPL

Uses: changepoint, GENEAread, MASS, rpart, signal, waveslim, knitr, rmarkdown

Released 9 months ago.