GGally (0.3.3)

Extension to ggplot2..

Package contains templates for different plots to be combined into a plot matrix, as well as a parallel coordinate plot function.

Maintainer: Dianne Cook
Author(s): Barret Schloerke <>, Jason Crowley <>, Di Cook <>, Heike Hofmann <>, and Hadley Wickham <>

License: GPL (>= 2.0)

Uses: ggplot2, plyr, reshape, stringr, scagnostics
Reverse depends: freqparcoord, ggCompNet, ggmcmc, MissingDataGUI, RHMS, robCompositions
Reverse suggests: BAS, eechidna, EMMIXmfa, fpp2, httk, mlrMBO, nzelect, ParamHelpers, plotly, popgraph, PPforest, qualvar, QuantNorm, robustbase, SHELF, spup, survivALL, texmex, tsfeatures

Released almost 7 years ago.