GSIF (0.4-3)

Global Soil Information Facilities.

Global Soil Information Facilities - tools (standards and functions) and sample datasets for global soil mapping.

Maintainer: Tomislav Hengl
Author(s): Tomislav Hengl [cre, aut], Bas Kempen [ctb], Gerard Heuvelink [ctb], Brendan Malone [ctb]

License: GPL

Uses: aqp, boot, dismo, gstat, nlme, plotKML, quantregForest, randomForest, raster, rgdal, rpart, RSAGA, sp, XML, maptools, mda, nortest, psych, rJava, reshape, rjson, spatstat, RCurl, fossil, plyr, AICcmodavg, nnet, stringr, SDMTools, soiltexture, spacetime, gdalUtils
Reverse suggests: CAST, plotKML

Released over 4 years ago.