HLMdiag (0.3.0)

Diagnostic Tools for Hierarchical (Multilevel) Linear Models.


A suite of diagnostic tools for hierarchical (multilevel) linear models. The tools include not only leverage and traditional deletion diagnostics (Cook's distance, covratio, covtrace, and MDFFITS) but also convenience functions and graphics for residual analysis. Models can be fit using either lmer in the 'lme4' package or lme in the 'nlme' package, but only two-level models fit using lme are currently supported.

Maintainer: Adam Loy
Author(s): Adam Loy <loyad01@gmail.com>

License: GPL-2

Uses: ggplot2, MASS, Matrix, mgcv, plyr, reshape2, RLRsim, WWGbook, lme4, mlmRev, nlme

Released almost 5 years ago.