HiClimR (1.1.5)

Hierarchical Climate Regionalization.


HiClimR package modifies and improves hierarchical clustering in R ('hclust' function in 'stats' library), for climate regionalization. It adds a new clustering method (called, regional linkage) to the set of available methods together with several features including regridding, coarsening spatial resolution, geographic masking, data thresholds, detrending and standardization data preprocessing, faster correlation function, hybrid hierarchical clustering, and cluster validation. It is applicable to any correlation-based clustering.

Maintainer: Hamada S. Badr
Author(s): Hamada S. Badr [aut, cre], Benjamin F. Zaitchik [aut], Amin K. Dezfuli [aut]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Does not use any package

Released over 4 years ago.