A review of Hmisc (3.6-0)


Indispensable, can't live without it

This package is loaded in my startup file, and I can't imagine working without it. The documentation is top-notch, and includes an extensive user guide.

There are many gems in this package, but for me the most useful ones are summary.formula and the latex command. Using just these two commands I can typeset professional looking descriptive statistics tables quickly and easily. When used with sweave the results are simply amazing.

There are some miner annoyances. For example, the latex command has a method for typesetting ANOVA tables, but produces invalid LaTeX because there is no space between \textgreater and F (i.e., it produces "\textgreaterF"). I've modified the source and re-installed to correct this issue on my installation, hopefully this will be fixed in a future release.

Overall,this is an excellent package, and I highly recommend it.