KONPsurv (1.0.1)

KONP Tests: Powerful K-Sample Tests for Right-Censored Data.


The K-sample omnibus non-proportional hazards (KONP) tests are powerful non-parametric tests for comparing K (>=2) hazard functions based on right-censored data (Gorfine, Schlesinger and Hsu, 2019, ). These tests are consistent against any differences between the hazard functions of the groups. The KONP tests are often more powerful than other existing tests, especially under non-proportional hazard functions.

Maintainer: Matan Schlesinger
Author(s): Matan Schlesinger [cre, aut], Malka Gorfine [aut]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Rcpp, survival, testthat

Released 9 months ago.