LAM (0.4-17)

Some Latent Variable Models.

Includes some procedures for latent variable modeling with a particular focus on multilevel data. The 'LAM' package contains mean and covariance structure modelling for multivariate normally distributed data (mlnormal(); Longford, 1987; ), a general Metropolis-Hastings algorithm (amh(); Roberts & Rosenthal, 2001, ) and penalized maximum likelihood estimation (pmle(); Cole, Chu & Greenland, 2014; ).

Maintainer: Alexander Robitzsch
Author(s): Alexander Robitzsch [aut,cre]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: CDM, Rcpp, sirt, coda, numDeriv, MASS, expm, TAM, STARTS
Enhances: lme4, lavaan
Reverse suggests: STARTS

Released 6 months ago.