LMERConvenienceFunctions (1.6.6)

A suite of functions to back-fit fixed effects and forward-fit random effects, as well as other miscellaneous functions..


Functions to back-fit fixed effects (on F or t values and, potentially, log-likelihood ratio testing) and to forward-fit random effects (using log-likelihood ratio testing). Note that the back- and forward-fitting of generalized linear mixed-effects regression (\code{glmer}s) models is not yet supported. The package also includes a function to compute ANOVAs with upper- and lower-bound p-values (anti-conservative and conservative, respectively), a function to graph model criticism plots, functions to trim data on model residuals or on a response variable (per subject), a function to perform posthoc analyses, a function to generate (dynamic) 3d plots of (i) predicted values of an LMER model for interactions between two numeric variables,(ii) the raw data as a function of two numeric variable, and (iii) kernel density estimates (densities) of two numeric variables.

Maintainer: Antoine Tremblay
Author(s): Antoine Tremblay

License: GPL-2

Uses: languageR, lme4, Matrix, mgcv, rgl, multicore

Released almost 8 years ago.