MVPARTwrap (0.1-9)

MVPARTwrap: Additional functionnalities for package mvpart..

The main function of this package, MRT, provides to the following information : the proper cluster membership allocation in the tree, the discriminant species for each cluster, the tree nodes at the proper level of R2 (1-relative error), the total species variance partitionned by species, by the tree, and by the splits of the tree, plus a different graphic representation of the final model in the form of a tree. Moreover, the CascadeMRT function allows a cascade MRT analysis and the CasMRTR2 function allows to illustrate the (unadjusted) variation explained by each wave/drops. Last but not least, the R2aGDF function permits the calculation of an adjusted R^2 for an MRT model.

Maintainer: Marie-Helene Ouellette
Author(s): Marie-Helene Ouellette <>, with contributions from Pierre Legendre <>.

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: ade4, fBasics, Hmisc, labdsv, mvpart, vegan

Released almost 8 years ago.