MWright (0.3.2)

Mainardi-Wright Family of Distributions.

Implements random number generation, plotting, and estimation algorithms for the two-parameter one-sided and two-sided M-Wright (Mainardi-Wright) family. The M-Wright distributions naturally generalize the widely used one-sided (Airy and half-normal or half-Gaussian) and symmetric (Airy and Gaussian or normal) models. These are widely studied in time-fractional differential equations. References: Cahoy and Minkabo (2017) ; Cahoy (2012) ; Cahoy (2012) ; Cahoy (2011); Mainardi, Mura, and Pagnini (2010) .

Maintainer: Dexter Cahoy
Author(s): Dexter Cahoy

License: GPL (>= 3)

Uses: cubature

Released 8 months ago.