Map2NCBI (1.4)

Mapping Markers to the Nearest Genomic Feature.

Allows the user to generate a list of features (gene, pseudo, RNA, CDS, and/or UTR) directly from NCBI database for any species with a current build available. Option to save downloaded and formatted files is available, and the user can prioritize the feature list based on type and assembly builds present in the current build used. The user can then use the list of features generated or provide a list to map a set of markers (designed for SNP markers with a single base pair position available) to the closest feature based on the map build. This function does require map positions of the markers to be provided and the positions should be based on the build being queried through NCBI.

Maintainer: Lauren Hanna
Author(s): Lauren L. Hulsman Hanna and David G. Riley

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: rentrez

Released 26 days ago.