MaxentVariableSelection (1.0-1)

Selecting the Best Set of Relevant Environmental Variables along with the Optimal Regularization Multiplier for Maxent Niche Modeling.

Complex niche models show low performance in identifying the most important range-limiting environmental variables and in transferring habitat suitability to novel environmental conditions (Warren and Seifert, 2011; Warren et al., 2014). This package helps to identify the most important set of uncorrelated variables and to fine-tune Maxent's regularization multiplier. In combination, this allows to constrain complexity and increase performance of Maxent niche models (assessed by information criteria, such as AICc (Akaike, 1974) , and by the area under the receiver operating characteristic (AUC) (Fielding and Bell, 1997). Users of this package should be familiar with Maxent niche modelling.

Maintainer: Alexander Jueterbock,
Author(s): Alexander Jueterbock

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: ggplot2, raster, knitr, rmarkdown

Released over 3 years ago.