MonetDBLite (0.4.1)

In-Process Version of MonetDB for R.

An in-process version of MonetDB, a relational database focused on analytical tasks. Similar to SQLite, the database runs entirely inside the R shell, with the main difference that queries complete much faster thanks to MonetDB's columnar architecture.

Maintainer: Hannes Muehleisen
Author(s): Hannes Muehleisen [aut, cre], Anthony Damico [aut], Mark Raasveldt [ctb], Thomas Lumley [ctb], MonetDB Development Team [ctb]

License: MPL (== 2.0)

Uses: codetools, DBI, digest, RSQLite, gdata, survey, testthat, devtools, assertthat, dplyr, nycflights13, DBItest, callr, dbplyr
Reverse suggests: arkdb, convey, etl, srvyr, taxadb, tsdb
Reverse enhances: MonetDB.R

Released over 2 years ago.