MplusAutomation (0.5-1)

Automating Mplus Model Estimation and Interpretation.

The MplusAutomation package leverages the flexibility of the R language to automate latent variable model estimation and interpretation using Mplus, a powerful latent variable modeling program developed by Muthen and Muthen ( Specifically, MplusAutomation provides routines for creating related groups of models, running batches of models, and extracting and tabulating model parameters and fit statistics.

Maintainer: Michael Hallquist
Author(s): Michael Hallquist

License: LGPL-3

Uses: gsubfn, plyr, relimp, xtable
Reverse depends: MplusTrees
Reverse suggests: ItemResponseTrees, semPlot, ShortForm, sirt, stuart, tidyLPA

Released about 8 years ago.