MplusAutomation (0.7-1)

An R Package for Facilitating Large-Scale Latent Variable Analyses in Mplus.

Leverages the R language to automate latent variable model estimation and interpretation using 'Mplus', a powerful latent variable modeling program developed by Muthen and Muthen (). Specifically, this package provides routines for creating related groups of models, running batches of models, and extracting and tabulating model parameters and fit statistics.

Maintainer: Michael Hallquist
Author(s): Michael Hallquist [aut, cre], Joshua Wiley [aut]

License: LGPL-3

Uses: boot, coda, digest, gsubfn, lattice, pander, plyr, texreg, xtable, relimp, testthat
Reverse depends: MplusTrees
Reverse suggests: semPlot, ShortForm, sirt, stuart, tidyLPA

Released about 2 years ago.