MuMIn (1.15.1)

Multi-Model Inference.

Model selection and model averaging based on information criteria (AICc and alike).

Maintainer: Kamil Bartoń
Author(s): Kamil Barto

License: GPL-2

Uses: Matrix, geepack, lme4, mgcv, nlme, survival, gamm4, MASS, nnet
Enhances: aod, betareg, gee, glmmML, logistf, pscl, spdep, MCMCglmm, coxme, unmarked, ordinal, caper, cplm, splm, geeM, aods3
Reverse depends: DiversityOccupancy, neuropsychology
Reverse suggests: bbmle, effectsize, emmeans, geeM, glmmTMB, NitrogenUptake2016, parameters
Reverse enhances: texreg

Released almost 5 years ago.