MuMIn (1.43.15)

Multi-Model Inference.

Tools for performing model selection and model averaging. Automated model selection through subsetting the maximum model, with optional constraints for model inclusion. Model parameter and prediction averaging based on model weights derived from information criteria (AICc and alike) or custom model weighting schemes.

Maintainer: Kamil Bartoń
Author(s): Kamil Barto

License: GPL-2

Uses: Matrix, nlme, geepack, lme4, mgcv, survival, gamm4, MASS, nnet
Enhances: aod, betareg, gamlss, gee, glmmML, logistf, pscl, spdep, MCMCglmm, coxme, unmarked, ordinal, caper, cplm, splm, geeM, aods3, spatialreg
Reverse depends: DiversityOccupancy, neuropsychology
Reverse suggests: bbmle, effectsize, emmeans, geeM, glmmTMB, NitrogenUptake2016, parameters
Reverse enhances: texreg

Released 5 months ago.