NeuralSens (0.0.5)

Sensitivity Analysis of Neural Networks.

Analysis functions to quantify inputs importance in neural network models. Functions are available for calculating and plotting the inputs importance and obtaining the activation function of each neuron layer and its derivatives. The importance of a given input is defined as the distribution of the derivatives of the output with respect to that input in each training data point.

Maintainer: Jaime Pizarroso Gonzalo
Author(s): Jos Portela Gonzlez [aut], Antonio Muoz San Roque [aut], Jaime Pizarroso Gonzalo [ctb, cre]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: caret, fastDummies, ggplot2, gridExtra, NeuralNetTools, reshape2, stringr, neural, neuralnet, nnet, RSNNS, h2o

Released 12 days ago.