OpasnetUtils (1.1.0)

Utility functions for dealing with data in Opasnet (www.opasnet.org) environment..


This package is primarily developed for executing open assessments and modeling in Opasnet environment (http://www.opasnet.org). The operating principle of this package is maximum openness and modularity. Variables are defined publicly on wiki pages using wiki inputs/tables, our database and R code. Using any predefined variable is very easy: fetch the variable from our servers (or your own) and evaluate it. Actual evaluation of variables is done lazily by default: when the evaluation of a variable is explicitly called, all variables it is dependent on are evaluated recursively. There are also a couple of impact assessment tools such as GIS functions in the package. To learn more go to \url{http://en.opasnet.org/w/Modelling_in_Opasnet}.

Maintainer: Teemu Rintala
Author(s): Teemu Rintala, Einari Happonen, Jouni Tuomisto

License: GPL-3

Uses: digest, ggplot2, httpRequest, RCurl, reshape2, rgdal, rjson, sp, triangle, xtable

Released over 5 years ago.