OpenML (1.5)

Exploring Machine Learning Better, Together.

'' is an online machine learning platform where researchers can easily download and upload data sets, share machine learning tasks and experiments and organize them online to work and collaborate more effectively. We provide an R interface to the OpenML REST API in order to download and upload data sets, tasks, flows and runs, see for more information.

Maintainer: Giuseppe Casalicchio
Author(s): Giuseppe Casalicchio <>, Bernd Bischl <>, Dominik Kirchhoff <>, Michel Lang <>, Benjamin Hofner <>, Jakob Bossek <>, Pascal Kerschke <>, Joaquin Vanschoren <>

License: BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

Uses: backports, BBmisc, checkmate, curl, data.table, digest, httr, jsonlite, memoise, mlr, ParamHelpers, stringi, XML, R.rsp, randomForest, rpart, RWeka, testthat, knitr, rmarkdown, xml2, farff

Released 12 days ago.