OutlierDetection (0.1.1)

Outlier Detection.


To detect outliers using different methods namely model based outlier detection (Barnett, V. 1978 ), distance based outlier detection (Hautamaki, V., Karkkainen, I., and Franti, P. 2004 ), dispersion based outlier detection (Jin, W., Tung, A., and Han, J. 2001 ), depth based outlier detection (Johnson, T., Kwok, I., and Ng, R.T. 1998 ) and density based outlier detection (Ester, M., Kriegel, H.-P., Sander, J., and Xu, X. 1996 ). This package provides labelling of observations as outliers and outlierliness of each outlier. For univariate, bivariate and trivariate data, visualization is also provided.

Maintainer: Vinay Tiwari
Author(s): Vinay Tiwari, Akanksha Kashikar

License: GPL-2

Uses: DDoutlier, depth, depthTools, ggplot2, ldbod, plotly, spatstat

Released 8 months ago.