POUMM (1.2.1)

The Phylogenetic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Mixed Model.


Combined maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference of the univariate Phylogenetic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Mixed Model; Fast POUMM likelihood calculation. Maximum likelihood inference of the genotypic values at the tips of a phylogeny assuming that the trait has evolved on it according to a POUMM with specified genotypic value at the root. Functions for summarizing and plotting the inference results; Functions for simulation of univariate continuous trait evolution along a phylogenetic tree.

Maintainer: Venelin Mitov
Author(s): Venelin Mitov [aut, cre, cph]

License: GPL (>= 3.0)

Uses: ape, coda, data.table, foreach, ggplot2, gsl, Matrix, Rcpp, lmtest, mvtnorm, Rmpfr, testthat, TreeSim, doParallel, knitr, rmarkdown

Released almost 3 years ago.