PTXQC (0.80.13)

Quality Report Generation for MaxQuant Results.

Generates Proteomics (PTX) quality control (QC) reports for shotgun LC-MS data analyzed with the MaxQuant software suite (see ). Reports are customizable (target thresholds, subsetting) and available in HTML or PDF format. Published in J. Proteome Res., Proteomics Quality Control: Quality Control Software for MaxQuant Results (2015) .

Maintainer: Chris Bielow
Author(s): Chris Bielow <>

License: GPL-2

Uses: data.table, ggdendro, ggplot2, gridExtra, gtable, plyr, proto, RColorBrewer, reshape2, rmarkdown, seqinr, yaml, testthat, knitr

Released over 3 years ago.