PepSAVIms (0.9.1)

PepSAVI-MS Data Analysis.

An implementation of the data processing and data analysis portion of a pipeline named the PepSAVI-MS which is currently under development by the Hicks laboratory at the University of North Carolina. The statistical analysis package presented herein provides a collection of software tools used to facilitate the prioritization of putative bioactive peptides from a complex biological matrix. Tools are provided to deconvolute mass spectrometry features into a single representation for each peptide charge state, filter compounds to include only those possibly contributing to the observed bioactivity, and prioritize these remaining compounds for those most likely contributing to each bioactivity data set.

Maintainer: Pritchard David
Author(s): Pritchard David [aut, cre], Kirkpatrick Christine [aut]

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Uses: elasticnet, testthat, knitr

Released over 3 years ago.