PerformanceAnalytics (1.1.0)

Econometric tools for performance and risk analysis..

Collection of econometric functions for performance and risk analysis. This package aims to aid practitioners and researchers in utilizing the latest research in analysis of non-normal return streams. In general, it is most tested on return (rather than price) data on a regular scale, but most functions will work with irregular return data as well, and increasing numbers of functions will work with P&L or price data where possible.

Maintainer: Brian G. Peterson
Author(s): Peter Carl, Brian G. Peterson

License: GPL

Uses: xts, zoo, Hmisc, ff, gplots, quadprog, quantreg, robustbase, tseries, sn, MASS
Reverse depends: PortfolioAnalytics, tawny, tidyquant
Reverse suggests: cvar, Dowd, ExtDist, portsort, tawny, timeSeries

Released almost 7 years ago.